Unogiochi Srl

Toy production

Produzione giochi da esterno Caserta

Unogiochi Srl also manufactures toys for third parties, offering its services to other companies in the sector who wish to rely on the company's professionalism and expertise. With its guaranteed production of items and products using safe and certified materials, you can contact Unogiochi for:


  • beach toy manufacturing
  • plastic toy manufacturing
  • board game manufacturing
  • wooden toy manufacturing
  • building toy manufacturing
  • garden toy manufacturing
    Johnson Toys
    Bialetti Industrie
    cupcake surprise
    hot wheels
    ma fra
    Vileda for Kids
    baby gaggia
    beta junior
    ma fra for children

    UNOGIOCHI Srl - NORTH Division

    Via Dei Mille, 3-28887 Omegna (VB)

           Tel: +39023/643227

    UNOGIOCHI Srl - SOUTH Division

    V. Bugnano, 4 - 81030 Orta Di Atella (CE)

            Tel:  +39 081/5023694

    Fax: +39 081/8910917

    Address: Via Bugnano, 4, Orta di Atella (Ce) Postcode 81030

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